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Anne-Francoise Cart

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1967   born in Bujumbura/Burundi (Eastafrica), grown up in Switzerland and India
1986 –1991   Studies of Design of textiles at the Art-Academie, Luzern, Switzerland
1991   moved to Germany
1992   study-trip to Ghana (Westafrica)
1994 –2004   work in a seminar-center near Berlin in the artistic and creative sector.
Founding of an artist-group. Various building-designs in african and mosaic style, concept and realization art-courses, art-actions and art-children-projects
1994 –1998   selforganized study and „art-courses“ in Lanzarote (Spain) together with my art-collegues.
1999 –2002   Facilitation of Clay-building-courses with the different techniques and their artistic and creative possibilities.
2000 Working for the social rebuilding of Kosovo for 3 months, directly after the war. Work with youth and children in the artistic and painting field.
2000 interdisciplinary artproject „borders“ in Zittau (Germany) with dancers, musicians, authors, painters and sculptors.
2006 starting of my own atelier and workshop in Belzig, near Berlin
In my art-work I want to create beauty, I want to produce paintings, touching those, who look at them. In our hasty way of living I want to invite people to slow down, become aware of the essence of life and to listen to what is between the lines.
Energy goes where attention flows.
This is true for the material I work with, for the inner attitude and for the intent I give a painting or an object. In this way a painting is filled with soul and is more than just decoration.
I choose from the abundance, which surrounds me one detail and give it an importance.

I love to work with different materials, to feel their quality and to use it, to study old techniques and experiment with them.
Nature is the biggest artist.
Nature is inspiring my art-work. I use a lot materials, coming from the nature. The landscape, where I live has also influenced my art. Very flat, spacious, sometimes even monotone the landscape is reflected in my paintings.
I more and more reduce on forms and colors in my art-work. My paintings become more abstract, informel compared with my older paintings. I often have no fixed image before starting, rather a kind of sound or melody in my head. And then I let arise the composition on the canvas.
I love to discover new materials, usual and unusual ones and to experiment with them.
In the last years I worked a lot mit shellac, a kind of resin.

Beside of painting I do photographies and sculptures.